Talley Farms Box

As part of our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, Talley Farms is growing a larger variety of vegetables and fruits just for you. Each week, you will receive a Fresh Harvest Box with an assortment of fresh salad ingredients, dinner vegetables and sweet tasting fruit. Each box contains 9-12 different produce items and feeds 2-4 people (depending on how much produce you eat!) Plus, we include recipes as well as handling and storage instructions.  Our system is flexible: you may sign up for a weekly box or a bi weekly box (every other week) or even once a month. The system also allows you to put “vacation” holds on your account.  As a customer you will be able to log into your account with your password and, with at least one day’s notice, change your pick up location, hold dates or credit/debit card number.  Once you sign up, you may use this link to go to your account to set your holds:

CostCurrently the cost for our Fresh Harvest box is $26. Your credit or debit card is billed when your Fresh Harvest box is delivered, not before. When your box is on hold, you will not be charged.

The advantages of receiving a Fresh Harvest box are:
• Getting the absolute freshest produce.
• Receiving the highest quality produce that you can eat every day.
• The convenience of having your produce delivered.
• Supporting your community and local farmers.

Talley Farms cools your produce after harvest to take the field heat out and give you longer lasting, fresher produce. You’ll find that you and your family will eat more produce because Fresh Harvest is convenient, tastes good and is delivered when you need it. You can trust Talley Farms’ 60 years of experience to grow and provide you with the highest quality fruits and vegetables.


Convenient Pick-up Locations: Talley Farms Fresh Harvest is excited to work with Miner’s Ace Hardware, Farm Supply Company and Kennedy Fitness Centers as our distribution centers, along with other friendly businesses. We pack your Fresh Harvest early in the morning and deliver them for your late afternoon pick up. If you forget to pick up your box, your pick up location will hold your box until 10 AM the next morning.  Our produce is fresh and perishable and we encourage our customers to pick up their boxes in a timely manner.  We harvest, pack and deliver the exact number of boxes on each list and we do not go back and pick up leftover boxes.  We’re sorry but we are not able to give credit for boxes that are not picked up.  With stores situated throughout the Central Coast, our pick-up locations offer convenient pick-up for your Fresh Harvest.  Please see below for a list of our pick up locations.

Community Advantage: Everyone knows eating more fruits and vegetables is healthy. But did you know eating produce from your local farmer is also good for your community? Talley Farms Fresh Harvest grows on its own ranches in Arroyo Grande but also sources quality produce from other local California growers. This supports the local economy, bringing communities and farmers together. Buying locally grown produce also helps support the environment by keeping the produce from traveling long distances to get to you. Talley Farms Fresh Harvest is earth friendly. Much of our produce is grown organically using sustainable agricultural methods.

How to Sign Up: • Click the “JOIN FRESH HARVEST CSA” button at the top right. • Choose your pick up site and day of pick up. • Choose Weekly Fresh Harvest Box and add it to your cart. If you want a delivery every other week (bi weekly), please put a note in the comment section when signing up or contact Talley Farms. • Choose your payment plan. • Create your account with your email and password and enter your contact info. • Enter your payment information on our secure site.

You will register your information through Farmigo, a web-based platform that helps us facilitate orders for our CSA program. Farmigo was founded on the belief that locally grown food is healthier and more sustainable for the community and environment. Neither Talley Farms Fresh Harvest nor Farmigo store your personal or financial information. It is securely stored by our credit card facilitator

• Please read and agree to our CSA Policy. • You will receive an email confirming your subscription! Thank you! • On the front of our website, click “ALREADY A MEMBER” to check your account, change your pick up day or location, check past history, or put your delivery on hold. In the “Delivery Hold” tab, you can set up to receive your box every other week, every third week, or even once a month.  CHANGES need to be made by noon, day before delivery day please.

How to Buy a Gift Certificate:  We offer gift certificates!  For Fresh Harvest CSA members, sign into your account.  In the top right of your account page, click on “Web Store.”  You may purchase a gift certificate for 1,2 or 4 Fresh Harvest boxes.  Your gift recipient will choose one of our pick up locations to pick up their box(es) and may receive a box weekly or bi weekly. You will receive an email confirmation and Talley Farms will mail out your gift certificate after receiving your instructions.  For non members of our CSA, please call us at 805-489-5401.  Thank you!
How to Cancel:  You may cancel your subscription at any time before your next delivery day by emailing or by calling 805-489-5401.  There is no obligation and no fee to cancel.  We will ask you for any feedback you may have to help us improve our program!  Thank you in advance!
Convenient Pick Up Locations
Avila Bay Athletic Club – Avila Valley
Tuesday 12pm – 8pm
Phone: 805-595-7600
Cambria – Dan Tower Residence – 2070 Wales Road
Wednesday 4pm – 8pm
Phone: 805-203-5331
Central Coast Body Therapy Center – Los Osos – 2005 9th Street
Wednesday 3:30pm – 9pm
Phone: 805-528-2547
Boxes are left outside underneath. Must pick up your box on Wednesday.
Cypress Ridge Golf Course Community – Arroyo Grande - The Chavez Residence – 2295 Dunlin Way
Wednesday 4:30pm – 8pm Phone: 805-481-2489
Need a code to enter neighborhood.  Call Andrea at 489-5401 to ask for the code
Doc Burnstien’s Ice Cream Lab – Old Town, Orcutt – 168 West Clark Ave
Thursday 4pm – 7pm
Phone: 805-614-7644
Farm Supply Company – Arroyo Grande - 1079 El Camino Real
Wednesday 12:00pm – 5:30pm
Store closes at 6 pm weekdays. Phone # 805-489-5514
Farm Supply Company – Paso Robles - 2450 Ramada Drive
Tuesday - 3:30pm – 5:30pm
Store closes at 6 pm weekdays. Phone # 805-238-1177
Farm Supply Company – San Luis Obispo - 224 Tank Farm Road
Thursday 12pm – 5:30pm
Store closes at 6 pm weekdays. Phone # 805-543-3751
Farm Supply Company – Santa Maria – 1920 N. Broadway
Thursday 3:30pm – 5:30pm
Store closes at 6 pm weekdays.  Phone # 805-922-2737
Healthy Inspirations (inside Custom Workouts) - Santa Maria – 2125 S. Broadway, Suite 108
Thursday 3:30 – 9pm
Club closes at 9:30pm weekdays. Phone # 805-928-5862.  This location open to all.
Kennedy Club Fitness – Arroyo Grande – 1299 James Way
Wednesday 12:0pm – 10pm  Phone # 805-481-2888 This location open to all.
Kennedy Club Fitness – Atascadero – 3534 El Camino Real
Tuesday 3:00pm – 10 pm  Phone # 805-466-6775  This location open to all.
Kennedy Club Fitness – Paso Robles – 500 S. River Road
Tuesday 4pm – 10pm  Phone # 805-239-8488  This location open to all.
Friday 2:30pm – 10pm
Kennedy Club Fitness – San Luis Obispo – 188 Tank Farm Road
Wednesday 1:30pm – 10pm  Phone # 805-781-3488  This location open to all.
Mindbody, Inc. – San Luis Obispo
Wednesday 12pm – 6pm
Miner’s Ace Hardware – Arroyo Grande - 186 Station Way
Thursday 2:30pm – 7pm
Store closes at 7 pm weekdays. Phone # 805-489-9100
Miner’s Ace Hardware – Atascadero - 9370 El Camino Real
Tuesday 2:30pm – 7pm
Store closes at 7 pm weekdays. Phone # 805-466-0270
Miner’s Ace Hardware – Grover Beach - 1056 W. Grand Ave
Wednesday 12pm – 7pm
Store closes at 7 pm weekdays. Phone # 805-489-2931
Miner’s Ace Hardware – Morro Bay - 510 Atascadero Road
Wednesday 3pm – 7pm
Store closes at 7 pm weekdays. Phone # 805-772-2233
Miner’s Ace Hardware - Nipomo - 553 W. Tefft
Thursday 2:30pm – 7pm
Store closes at 7 pm weekdays. Phone # 805-929-3223
Miner’s Ace Hardware – San Luis Obispo - 2034 Santa Barbara Ave
Wednesday 12pm – 7pm
Store closes at 7 pm weekdays. Phone # 805-543-2191
Nature’s Touch Harvest & Nursery – Templeton - 225 S. Main Street
Friday 1:30pm – 6pm
Store closes at 6pm weekdays.  Phone # 805-434-3062
North County Christian School – Atascadero - 6225 Atascadero Mall
Tuesday 2:30 – 5:30pm This location is open to everyone.
Phone # 805-466-4457  Ask for Lucy
North San Luis Obispo – Wolfe Residence – 245 Clover Drive
(near Highland west of Hwy 1)
Wednesday 2:30pm – 7pm
Pismo Beach Athletic Club – Pismo Beach – 1751 Price Street
Thursday 1:00pm – 10pm
Phone # 805-773-3011
REC, Warehouse- San Luis Obispo
Wednesday 1:00pm – 5pm
RRM Design Group – San Luis Obispo
Thursday 12pm – 5pm
Santa Margarita Feed Store – Santa Margarita – 22423 El Camino Real
Friday 1pm – 5:30 pm
Phone #805-438-5619
Store closes at 5:30pm
Shell Beach Liquor & Deli – Shell Beach – 601 Shell Beach Rd
Thursday 1pm – 8pm
Phone # 805-773-4753
Talley Farms - Arroyo Grande – 2900 Lopez Drive
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday 1pm – 4pm
Talley Vineyards - Arroyo Grande – 3031 Lopez Drive
Thursday 12:00pm – 4pm
The Vitamin & Herb Stores – Orcutt – 1130 East Clark Ave #120
(in the Albertson’s Shopping Center)
Thursday 4pm – 7pm
Store closes at 7pm.  Phone # 805-938-5657
Wayne’s Tires – Santa Maria – 302 W. Betteravia
(just west of Broadway-south side of Betteravia)
Thursday 3:30pm – 6pm
Store closes at 6pm. 805-928-2661  Please call if you are going to be late. 
Woody’s Butcher Block – Santa Maria – 700 E. Main Street, Ste 104
(west of the 101 and just west of College Drive, south side of Main Street)
Thursday 3:30pm – 6pm
Store closes at 6pm. 805-354-0213