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Dressing, Vinegar & Oil

From Kathleen Snyder of Delish-Dish (click on her link to the left to see all of her wonderful recipes.)


The secret to a great vinegar & oil dressed salad is to use quality products. If I am making a simple green salad with minimal ingredients as a small side dish, I prefer to use the drizzle method of dressing my salad. 
I begin with crisp clean greens that have been torn or cut in to bite size pieces. I drizzle enough quality extra virgin olive oil to lightly coat the leaves. A sprinkle of kosher salt and a few grinds of fresh pepper is added to the lettuce and mixed together either by hand or with a couple of spoons. Then I sprinkle a little vinegar and toss to mix, tasting and adding as needed. The oil should only be enough to coat the leaves, which will then adhere them to the vinegar. The vinegar has to be enough to brighten the flavor but not create too tart a taste. For this type of salad, my favorite vinegars to use are flavored ones such as peach balsamic, fig or blood orange. Any flavored vinegar works great and you can vary it depending on what you are serving it with. Always taste the salad by trying a dressed lettuce leaf. That will tell you if it is the right proportion of ingredients and if it is enough, but not too much which may wilt your salad. You don’t want your salad swimming in dressing!


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