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Hawaiian Albacore Crudo with Mandarins, Apples and a Kiwi foam *

From Chris Beckett of Fish Gaucho, Paso Robles. This was the winner of the Judges' Choice in the Taste Bud's Chef Competition at the Inspired Home and Garden Expo in Paso Robles in February 2017.


For the Crudo
6 ounce albacore tuna (sashimi grade) thinly sliced 
1 each of mandarin oranges
2  rounds of sliced red onion
2 tablespoons of chiffonade cilantro
2 ounces finally sliced pink Lady apples
Juice of one lime
Juice of a 1/4 lemon
1 ounce diced pickled Fresno chili pepper
One half avocado sliced
3 ounces finally sliced green cabbage
Fresh fried tortilla rounds
Salt and pepper to taste


1. Remove skin from Mandarin oranges. Lay on the side of the orange slice width ways extremely thin.  Remove seeds. Place into bowl. Add cilantro. Add juice of a lime. Add juice of lemon. Mix in Fresno chili pepper. Add salt and pepper. And add green cabbage. Add pink Lady apples. Mix well.
2. Sliced avocado to be added at this point.  Being careful not to over work it, you want to keep the integrity of the whole avocado form. Add in albacore after. 
3. Once Albacore and avocado are incorporated. Take a tablespoon at a time layering it onto a tortilla shell. 
4. Using your dispenser carefully place in an ounce of kiwi foam on top. Finished with garnishing with a micro green.
For the Kiwi Foam   (Yields 16 oz)
 Six fresh kiwi
Two fresh jalapeño
Half a bunch of cilantro 
Four egg whites. 
 Please kiwi without skin into a juicer.
Remove stem from cilantro add to juicer.
Remove stems from cilantro add to juicer. 
In a separate bowl whisk egg whites until slightly foamy.
Add into kiwi mixture. 
* Wine Pairing:  Ahi tuna and Pinot Noir are a great match.  If you want white wine, try Sauvignon Blanc.
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