Talley Farms Fresh Harvest

Talley Farms Fresh Harvest Team

Ryan Talley

Farm Manager; Co-Owner



As Farm Manager, Ryan oversees all aspects of Talley Farms, including the Talley Farms Fresh Harvest program. Like all good Talley children, he started working on the farm at the age of 12, picking beans alongside his brother, Todd, and cousin, Brian. (It’s a wonder they all still love green beans!) Ryan graduated from Purdue University with a BS in Finance and eventually came back to the farm to help write the computer programs that we use today in production, planning, the mechanic shop and our nursery. Ryan and his wife, Christina, have five children: Byron, Grant, Elliot, Catherine, and Caroline. When not working or enjoying time with his family, Ryan can be found serving in the community or enjoying outdoor activities such as backpacking and fly fishing.

Brian Talley

President; Co-Owner



Brian Talley is member of the third generation of Talley Farmers and started working on the farm at the age of 12.  Following family tradition, his first job was picking beans, which helped him appreciate our hard working field employees. Brian graduated from the UC at Berkeley with degrees in History and Natural Resource Economics.  Brian is also the President of Talley Vineyards, the family’s highly regarded winery, which has a beautiful tasting room surrounded by our vegetable fields, and is located just down the road from the farm offices.  He lives at the edge of Talley Farms with his wife Johnine and together they have two daughters, Elizabeth and Olivia.  Brian enjoys running, golf and cooking.

Rosemary Talley




Rosemary is considered the “matriarch” of Talley Farms and does “everything nobody else wants to do or has time to do.” Rosemary is Don Talley’s widow, Brian Talley’s mom and Todd and Ryan Talley’s aunt. She started working in the sales office at the farm in 1977 and is well respected as one of the first women in the produce business. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a BS in Mathematics and then earned a MS in Applied Mathematics at Cal Poly. Rosemary lives in her house in the middle of Rosemary’s Vineyard on the first piece of land purchased by the Talley Family in 1966. In her spare time, Rosemary enjoys traveling, gardening, and reading.

Todd Talley

CFO; Co-Owner



Todd began his career at Talley Farms in 1983 as a 12 year old picking beans. As our CFO, he has gone from bean picker to bean counter! Todd graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Political Economy and currently lives in San Luis Obispo with his wife, Jill, and their three children: Karena, Violet and Daniel. Todd enjoys spending time with his family, serving in his church and in the community, as well as reading, running and hiking.

Andrea Shapiro Chavez

Talley Farms Fresh Harvest Manager



Andrea is a Cal Poly graduate, earning a degree in Economics in 1980. She has spent the last 30 years working at various levels in the produce business from Western Regional Sales Manager for Dole Fresh Vegetables, to being a Buying Broker, shipping produce all over the world, to owning her own business for 13 years delivering fresh produce and gourmet food to homes and offices in Southern California. In February of 2012, Talley Farms hired her to create a new, local, consumer program for them called Talley Farms Fresh Harvest. As a mother, wife and cook who loves fruits and vegetables, her passion in life is to “GET PEOPLE TO EAT MORE PRODUCE!”

Lisa Loogman

Talley Farms Fresh Harvest Customer Service Manager



Lisa graduated from Cal Poly in 2013 with a degree in Agricultural Business. Hired as an intern at Talley Farms, she instantly made herself indispensable, helping in the office on the sales desk, in the fields, packing boxes in the coolers, and helping promote at many of our Talley Farms Fresh Harvest events. Once summer was over Lisa’s dream of staying local came true and she was hired on full-time. When not at work she enjoys spending time outside horseback riding, hiking, or going to the beach.

Marcus Hunt

Talley Farms Fresh Harvest Production Manager



We first met Marcus Hunt as one of our blackberry and pea growers in Los Osos.  When Marcus' farm ran out of water in 2016, Marcus decided it was time to go to work for one of the "big" growers. This just happened to be the same time our Adam Stevens was considering going to work for Simplot, leaving a big hole in our Talley Farms Fresh Harvest production team.  Adam and Marcus were already buddies and Marcus' transition to Talley Farms was a smooth one.  Marcus' focus is on organic farming and he is leading our Talley Farms Fresh Harvest crop transition to certified organic.  When not outside playing in the dirt, Marcus is home enjoying family life with his wife, Amanda and their two young daughters, Lennox and Peyton. 

Matteo Schettino

Talley Farms Fresh Harvest Operations Manager

Matteo Schettino from Talley Farms Fresh Harvest



Matteo comes to us from Italy and we’re happy to have him! As a corporal in the Italian Army for ten years, Matteo handled security for foreign embassies in Rome, spent time on NATO peace-keeping missions in Kosovo and worked in community support for the local people and immigrants. He met his San Luis Obispo-born wife in 2004 while she was teaching English as a second language. In July 2013, they made their way back to the Central Coast and Matteo started helping us at Talley Farms while taking English classes. Matteo oversees our packing facility, manages and organizes our packing crew and is in charge of our food safety program at Fresh Harvest. When not at the farm, Matteo likes to play basketball, hike and run on the beach, and enjoys gourmet Italian cooking.

Randy Chavez

Talley Farms Fresh Harvest
Quality Assurance Manager

Randy Chavez from Talley Farms Fresh Harvest



Randy is what we fondly call “an ol’ produce guy,” (although he’s not old!) As one of the owners of a large wholesale produce company in Albuquerque, Randy was their principal West Coast buyer and one of Andrea’s biggest customers at Dole Fresh Vegetables back in the 1980s. That’s how they met and eventually married! Randy has expert knowledge of quality and handling of all sorts of fruits and vegetables and plays a big role in keeping the quality of our Talley Boxes at a high level. He also advises on availability and helps plan which produce items are to be included in future boxes. When not at the farm, Randy can be found practicing his golf swing, analyzing the stock market or working out to stay fit.

Jose Chavez-Alcantar

Talley Farms Fresh Harvest Delivery Expert

Jose Chavez-Alcantar



Jose started at Talley Farms in September 2013 and immediately improved our delivery system. Being the nice, polite person that he is, our pick up locations have nothing but great things to say about Jose. He delivers our boxes on time 99.9% of the time even when we are running late in packing them! When not at work, Jose enjoys spending time with his wife and two young sons.

Talley Farms Fresh Harvest Crew

Talley Farms Fresh Harvest Crew


There are 15-18 people that work between the Talley Farms Fresh Harvest fields and cooler, harvesting the produce and then packing it into your boxes. We have both full-time and part-time staff including husband and wife teams and students at Cal Poly, Cuesta and Hancock. We encourage our employees to stay in college or go to college and support them by being flexible with their class schedules and offering scholarships to employees and employees' children who are currently enrolled in college courses.


Pictured at left, top row: Estaban Carrillo, Ernesto Reyes-Olvera, Daniel Lopez. Ishmael Ramirez, Eduardo Alvarez. Bottom row: Ruvi Corona, Margarita Corona, Juan Carlos Ramirez, Elvira Garcia,