Talley Farms Fresh Harvest

Receiving Your Talley Farms Fresh Harvest


 SLO & Santa Barbara Pick-up Locations

Pick-up Locations: In San Luis Obispo & Santa Barbara Counties

If you live on the Central Coast of California you may choose to pick up your Talley Box at one of 60 pick-up locations located from Paso Robles to Buellton/Lompoc.  Pick-up times and days vary by location. After you create your account, you may easily change your location and/or day. Please note that our Junior Box is only available at specified locations.

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Fresh Harvest Home Delivery

Home Delivery: Anywhere in CA, AZ, NV, NM, WA, OR & ID

Talley Farms Fresh Harvest fruits and vegetables from San Luis Obispo County, delivered throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Washington, Oregon or Idaho! 

  • Packed and shipped the same day
  • Delivered in one to two days to your home or office.
  • Golden State Overnight Delivery

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 Talley Farms Fresh Harvest Box Delivery Frequencies

Weekly, Bi Weekly and Monthly

When you create your account, you may choose to receive your Talley Box every week, every other week or once a month. If you select every other week or monthly delivery you will choose a schedule for your deliveries. You decide what fits your household’s produce consumption! And it’s easy to change your delivery frequency to meet your needs.  Please note that Junior size boxes are not available monthly. 



 Talley Farms Fresh Harvest Pick-up Locations

Picking Up Your Box on the Central Coast

Please don’t forget to pick up your box on your scheduled day between the hours listed on our website.  Just look for your account name on the list at your location, sign next to your name (this is for you to be sure we delivered a box for you) and pick up your Original or Junior size box.  If your name is not on the list, please do NOT take a box. (You would be taking someone else’s.) It’s ok for another family member or friend to pick up for you. If you forget to pick up your box, please call your pick up location first thing the next morning to see if your box is still there.  We work very hard to deliver to you the freshest produce, so to enjoy the maximum flavor and nutrition, please plan on picking up your produce on time.  Thank you!


Returning Empty Boxes 

Returning Your Empty Boxes

If you pick up your Talley Farms Fresh Harvest at one of our convenient locations, please return your empty box from your previous pick up.  Most of our drop locations have a container where you can return your empty boxes.  We get back about 80% of our boxes for reuse. As most of us know, cats love empty boxes and yours may be tempted to sleep in yours.  For food safety reasons, we line each box with a new plastic liner. Please use this liner to store large produce items in or reuse it as a garbage pail liner.  


 Delivery Holds for Fresh Harvest Boxes

Delivery Holds

If you are unable to pick up your box, you may have your friend or neighbor pick it up, or you may put your delivery on hold. You will not be charged for boxes that are on hold.  If you cannot make it to your pick up location to get your box don’t forget that a friend or family member can always get your box for you, just make sure they know to check your name off of the list. If your box is usually delivered to your door make sure your delivery hold includes at least one day before your delivery.  Please note that if you are a bi weekly or monthly subscription and you place your delivery on hold, your next delivery will be according to your delivery schedule, not necessarily the week after your hold ends.  Talley Farms is able to deactivate your account if you plan to be away for a long period of time, just contact us if you need to deactivate your account. Our system is very flexible so that you have control over when you receive a box!


We Communicate by E-mail

Email is our main form of communication with you. Your delivery schedule, payment receipts and any other updates we need to tell you will be sent via email.  Please be sure we have your correct email address in our system.  Every Monday morning, whether you are scheduled for a delivery that week or not, you will receive an email telling you what items are in the box for the coming week. The day before your box is delivered (or shipped), you will receive a reminder email telling you your box is scheduled.  We may also send out important information about your subscription or delivery.  Please stay informed about your fresh produce box by reading our emails!


How to Pay

When you sign up for your Talley Farms Fresh Harvest subscription, you will input your credit or debit card information. You will be billed per box that is delivered for you, even if you forget to pick it up. If you are not able to pick up your box please place it on hold ahead of time. The charge for your box will process the evening of your delivery day.


How to Cancel

You may cancel at any time by simply emailing us at [email protected] or calling us at 805-489-5401 at least two days before your next delivery