1. Can I get Fresh Harvest every other week?  Yes! Our program is very flexible.  When you sign up, you may select our Weekly Fresh Harvest box, or one of our Bi Weekly Fresh Harvest subscriptions.  (They fall on opposite weeks.  Please see the descriptions of each Bi weekly box for the current week.)  Once you sign up, you can switch your subscription to another one or add a box on a “hold” week. You can also set it up to get a box every third week or even once a month!  Maybe you are going on vacation or have a garden.  You can set holds on your delivery for any week(s) or month.  We have designed our program to fit your busy schedule!

 2. How do I cancel my subscription?
You must email Andrea at Andrea@talleyfarms.com or call her at 805-489-5401.  Be sure and get a confirmation email back from Talley Farms to make sure we received your cancellation.  You may cancel at any time, giving us at least 2 days notice before your next scheduled delivery.
3. What if I forget to pick up my box?
Call your pick up location early the next morning and go pick up your box.  Our locations are instructed to hold boxes until 10 am the morning after delivery.  If there are enough boxes left over, they will be donated to a food bank.  Talley Farms does not pick up left over boxes at locations nor do we know who picked up and who didn’t.  Customers are responsible to remembering to pick up their Fresh Harvest.  We’re sorry but the farm cannot give credit for boxes that are not picked up.
4. How do I put my delivery on hold?
~ Go to our website:  www.talleyfarmsfreshharvest.com
~ Click on “Already a Member”  located on the right side of our front page
~ Log into your account using your email and password (the system may remember your computer and log you in automatically.
~ Click on the tab “Delivery Hold.”
~ There are 3 spaces for holds.  When you click one of the 3 spaces for holds, a calendar drops down.  When choosing your weeks to put on hold, chose Monday as a start date and Sunday as your end date.  It’s easier to see your weeks when you do it this way.  You can put more than 1 week on hold at a time in one space.  If you want a delivery bi weekly (every other week), just contact us or you may set and reset your holds every 6 weeks.  You’ll get a delivery reminder the morning before your scheduled delivery.
~ Be sure and click on the save button!
5. Is our produce organic?
Some of it is organically grown, some is pesticide free and some is grown conventionally.  We have 75 acres of certified organic soil (we farm on over 1400 acres) and many of our Fresh Harvest items are grown organically. We would like to have a completely organically grown box, but we strive to provide a well-rounded box with a variety of items each week, and at a good value.  As a sustainable grower, we use sprays as little as possible, both to save money and to save the environment!  Check out our website each weekend for a list of the items scheduled to be in the box the coming week. 
6. Can I visit the farm?
Yes! Just contact us.  You can schedule your Fresh Harvest box to be picked up at the farm and take a tour at the same time.  Just email us ahead of time.  
7. How safe is our food?
Food safety is a high priority at Talley Farms! We have a complete food safety department dedicated to complying with the latest government and organization safety requirements.  We also require other local farmers that we buy from to follow food safety standards. Currently Talley Farms practices:
  • Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) in the Field, (crew, ranches)
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)
  • Global Food Safety Audit (GFS) – all harvesting crews, ranches and coolers underwent the most extensive food safety audit and passed with a 97% rating!
  • Trace-Back and Recall Program
  • Member of CA Leafy Greens Initiative– CDFA Certified.
  • Monthly Internal Audits with yearly Independent Third-Party Audits by PrimusLabs.com
  • USDA Organic Certified
8. Do we offer Gift Certificates?
Yes! We offer gift certificates!  For Fresh Harvest CSA members, sign into your account.  In the top right of your account page, click on “Web Store.”  You may purchase a gift certificate for 1,2 or 4 Fresh Harvest boxes.  Your gift recipient will choose one of our pick up locations to pick up their box(es) and may receive a box weekly or bi weekly. You will receive an email confirmation and Talley Farms will mail out your gift certificate after receiving your instructions.  For non members of our CSA, please call us at 805-489-5401.  Thank you!